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Excise Tax for tobacco and liquor product increase, while electrical and plumbing materials decreases

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/07/2017


The excise tax for several goods has increased – including tobacco products, liquor, fizzy and energy drinks, fatty foods and others.


These new prices have been implemented since the first of this month, where tobacco is taxed for every kilogram.


The previous tax of tobacco was TOP$380.00 per kilo but the new excise tax is TOP$450.00


This has resulted in increases in the prices of tobacco brands such as Winfield and Pall Mall from TOP$12.00 to TOP$15.00


Head of Customs – Kelemete Vahe told Radio Tonga News, other goods such as fizzy and energy drinks are taxed according to the milligrams of sugar in the drinks.


Meanwhile other goods have been exempted from the excise tax including electrical, plumping equipment and equipment for manufacturing.


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