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His Majesty King Tupou VI officially opens Vava’u’s Agricultural Show


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/07/2017


The Royal Agricultural Show 2017 began in Vava’u with a royal tour of the smaller islands and villages yesterday.


Today their Majesties graced the official opening of the event at Nippon field, Neiafu.


In his address to officially open the Royal Agricultural Show – His Majesty King Tupou VI highlighted the importance of being prepared with abundant food supplies for the future and and any disaster instead of focusing on commercial farming only for income to the family.


The King first and foremost thanked the Lord God Almighty for his many blessings upon his people providing them with the energy and knowledge to be able to display the fruits of their hard labor in today’s event.


This was demonstrated by all the plentiful supply agricultural produce and fisheries, handicraft, and tourism.


This is a reflection of their hard work throughout the year ensuring security and sustainability of quantity and quality of food, forests, fisheries and other sectors to meet international standards.


His Majesty said since agriculture is the major source of revenue for the people and backbone of our economy it is vital that training is held continuously to obtain new skills to ensure sustainability of these produce.


He said the FWC recent AG conference had illustrated that the island’s supplies are still abundant however they must ensure that they practice resilient farming to be able to continue having access to sustainable food supplies that can withstand the challenges posed by the consequences of climate change which is very evident in our country.


It is also important that the people continue to protect and wisely use the natural resources in the islands such as Land, water, ocean – and stakeholder’s assistance is much needed.


His Majesty also thanked everyone who were involved in the preparations for the Royal agricultural show.



The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Food and Fisheries Hon – Semisi Fakahau. Presented the reply to His Majesty’s address.


He said, his Ministry is working closely with related stakeholders such as the National Emergency Management Office – NEMO to address the importance of food security and abundance of supplies in times of natural hazards.


Hon Fakahau said Vava’u differs from any other island in Tonga because of their commercial farming of sandalwood, vanilla, and Tongan kava roots which generates income to many families.


Their Majesties King Tupou 6th and Queen Nanasipau’u, after the Royal address toured the display of the various products exhibited in appreciation of the hard work of the people of the Vava’u district.


Several traditional performances were presented as entertainment before the prize giving ceremony.


The program commenced with a prayer led by the Royal Chaplain – Rev. Dr. ‘Ahio.


This year’s theme for the Royal Show highlights – “A rich farm still grows wild yam or Teve, to prepare for times of emergency, meaning it is always important to have alternatives in case of a disaster.


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