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MV Niuvakai faces technical problem at Niutoputapu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/07/2017


The MV Niuvakai is being struck by a technical problem at Niuatoputapu causing delays on its inter-island services to the outer islands.


Acting General Manager of the Friendly Island Shipping Agency – FISA – Seini Fifita said a technical officer will travel to Niuatoputapu this evening to try and solve the problem.


HOWEVER this has caused major concerns to the people of Niua Fo’ou because their petroleum products were transported via the MV Niuvakai.


The Government Representative of Niua Fo’ou – Falati Papani said they were told the ferry will arrive on Saturday morning BUT were later told the MV Niuvakai could not make it due to a technical problem.


Falati said, the island has been facing shortage of petroleum products for more than a month.


There are concerns because some of the competitions for the Royal Agricultural Show on Thursday will need petroleum and the vehicles for transportation.


There’s hope the MV Niuvakai will be fixed soon to cater for the need of the public.


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