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Paula Latu again chase out of Teufaiva for misused of media pass

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/07/2017


Paula Moimoi Latu a freelance video camera operator was again denied the right to cover last Saturday’s match between the ‘Ikale Tahi and Flying Fijians at Teufaiva.


A World Rugby representative refused Latu, the rights to livestream the match on youtube, saying it would be a breach of contract.

The sole rights was granted by world rugby to the Tonga Broadcasting Commission for local coverage only.


The rights was signed by World Cup, Tonga Rugby Union and TBC.


Contact was made to Paula Moimoi but Radio Tonga news couldn’t locate him for any comment.


World Rugby says the right was granted free of charge to TBC to broadcast live the game for local viewers only while Sky Pacific will later replay the game.


World rugby delegates told Radio Tonga News that trials for international games to be held at Teufaiva also looks at the player’s safety during the match.


But in Tonga it is common for overheated spectators to run inside the field to show their support to the players which happened during the match with Samoa.


However, this kind of behaviour is best avoided for the safety of players and could be a breach of the contract with Tonga.


Flying Fijian team and World Rugby delegates will depart Tonga this afternoon.


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