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Experts from ADB are in Tonga to host a consultation on gender equality

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/07/2017


Experts from the Asian Development Bank – ADB conducting a consultation in Nuku’alofa on promoting evidence based policy making for gender equality.


The Prime Minister – Hon. ‘Akilisi Pohiva  urged during his address, it is necessary to break cultural boundaries and stereotypes about access and equality so Tonga can achieve high degree of equality  where it must also be available to young people and all sectors of the society.


Dreaming of gender equality in an unequal country or in a country with large social gaps it is simply rhetoric or illusion. In Tonga we have developed a strong social inclusion process which obviously results in greater opportunities not only women but other disadvantaged groups with active programs and policies universal education relevant protection laws, which have gradually allowed a sharp decline in the opportunity inequality gap. On Average 5 in 10 people living in Tonga are female 1 in 4 houses are headed by a women who are self employed and rely on remittances 36% of women in paid and unpaid work aged 15 years and over worked in handicrafts occupations compared with 1% of men.”


The Prime Minister, said women could be empowered if they are part of policy formulation


Policies should also be targeted to culture so that empowering women can become not just a compromise due to signed conventions or international treaties. We can achieve in Tonga a high degree of equality where equality must also be available to young people and all sectors of society. Because discrimination is also found in the elderly and poor regardless of gender. That should be the struggle and as a nation we must face it with greater force because it is for our children and grandchildren.”


Participating at the one day consultation are representatives from related stakeholders and the Ministry of Health.


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