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Wages should be increased to coincide with the ongoing hikes in prices of goods


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/07/2017


Tonga is yet to introduce legislation to control the minimum wage of daily paid labourers provided by an Employer to its employees, especially in Non-Government Organizations and small businesses.


However, the minimum wage for public servants is managed by the Public Service Commission in consultation with respective ministries and departments.


Therefore the Government will draft a bill to be submitted to the Legislative Assembly next April as part of the requirement highlighted by the World Trade Organization in which Tonga is a member.


The Minister of Revenue and People’s Representative of Tongatapu 10 to Parliament – Hon Dr. Pohiva Tu’I’onetoa highlighted the issue during last night’s Parliamentary visit to Kolonga.


This was his response to a query made from Tatafu Fili and Oscar Guttenbeil of Kolonga saying that wages of laborers especially those working under private businesses and NGO’s are very low compared to the rising inflation leaving them vulnerable to poverty.


Other issues raised included request for street lights, a village hall, a call for the Competent Authority to manage prices of all goods, a vehicle for Kolonga’s health center and others.


Meanwhile, the Constituency’s Law Committee also advised the people of Kolonga to submit their needs as they are the ones managing Tongatapu 10 constituency fund.


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