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Residents of Te’ekiu wanted to know who will be responsible for settling any debt if government will be guilty in a case with PGC

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/07/2017


Several residents of Te’ekiu at Tongatapu Constituency 5 parliament consultation last night raised their concern over who will be responsible for any payment if government is guilty in a legal case with PGC.


This was voiced out last night during former Minister of Finance and people representative of Tongataput 5 Dr. ‘Aisake Eke parliamentary visit.


The town officer Lolo Motu’apuaka said he wanted to get an answer regarding this issue.


The Former Minister of Finance said the people will pay for it through their payment of taxes collected by government.


He said government kept changing the reason for not hosting the sports which made it difficult for the Pacific Games Council to compromise on any condition in order for Tonga to continue hosting the games.


However government should consider their decision making in order to reduce overspending on mistakes made.


Lolo also said there is a need for government to draft a bill to ban deportation of criminals from overseas to Tonga.


He also recommended another bill to increase the penalty or imprisonment for those who possess or cultivate illicit drugs.


Sione Fetu’u’aho reminded  Dr. Eke to vote in favor of the petition from Churches School Directors calling on Government to help increase their teacher’s salary.


Dr. Eke said the Government is looking at about TOP$6 million to be allocated for this cause either partially or in full payment.


The other issues raised from Masilamea included street lights and water supply.


Tongatapu Constituency 5 encompasses 16 villages with more than 3000 registered voters.


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