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People of Niuafo’ou reported to be the healthiest in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/07/2017


The people of Niuafo’ou are believed to be the healthiest population in Tonga as they consume less imported food products.


His Majesty – King Tupou VI highlighted the issue in his address to officially open Niua Fo’ou’s Royal Agricultural Show 2017 this afternoon, at the Latufuipeka grounds.


In his address he said this day has been made special to inspect the hard labor of both men and women in the island.


There are differences in the nature of each island in the Kingdom, but Niuafo’ou is outstanding and that includes the amount of rainfall collected in the island which exceeds the average in an annual basis.


Niuatoputapu’s temperature is also warmer than normal during summer.


NF also has the cleanest and useful swamp inland which helps the people’s daily needs and chores.


They are also rich with different types of breadfruits, fish from Vailahi swamp, pigs, and local products which ensure abundant supplies of food supplies for the locals.


This resulted in the people’s good health with less risk of diabetes and heart problems.


It also contains fertile soil where seedlings are naturally grown.


However it is no doubt that the EL NINO weather pattern affected Tonga which resulted in hikes in prices of Tongan kava roots and others.


The reply to His Majesty’s address was conducted by the Minister of Agriculture Hon Semisi Fakahau.


He said, not only the people consume healthy organic food but they also have talented men and women with unique knowledge of making Tongan handicrafts.


After the formalities Their Majesties King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u inspect the hard labor of the islanders.


It followed entertainment and prize giving ceremony.


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