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Maintenance of solar powered lights for Ha’apai 13 are urgently needed

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/07/2017


Concerns over the maintenance and quality of solar power for homes and street lights throughout the islands of the Ha’apai group was raised during the parliament visit of Ha’apai 13 representative.


The more than ten islands and villages in the ‘Otumu’omu’a and Lulunga districts are seeking solutions to their encounter with the distorted operation of their solar powered lights.


The needs of   people of Foa District is for a water tank that can collect and retain water for more than 6months.


Complaints were raised over the inability of homes to properly service their photo voltaic units for lighting and other domestic use because of technical faults.


There are assumptions referred to in their parliamentary consultation that the companies or authorities responsible for the maintenance of their units fail to live up to follow up with the faults.


Other issues raised included a wharf for Ha’afeva, road maintenance, fishing boats and a barge


The Parliamentarian Visit to Ha’apai constituency 13 is led by their representative -Veivosa Taka, number two nobles representative to parliament Lord Tu’iha’ateiho and staff from the Office of the Speaker of Parliament.


Ha’apai 13 consists of 10 small islands with 11 villages at the main islands.


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