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Corruption among senior government officers clear sign of operating outside the law

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/07/2017

The Hon. Prime Minister believes that corrupt practices of senior government officials is a sign the law is suffocating and hardly breathing.


This was after Tevita Haofanga raised the issue during the prime Minister’s who’s also the people’s representative of Tongatapu constituency 1 in his parliamentary consultation at Tongata’eapa last night.


Tevita said Tonga is no longer the paradise it used to be dubbed as, because of the various crimes committed, misbehavior and illegal activities involving drugs and others.


He said he believes this is because the law is not fully enforced.


The prime Minister responded saying, the law cannot be enforced because most crimes committed like drugs involves senior officials of the Ministry of Police.


Not only that but he has been informed of money laundering involving 5 senior government officials.


Pohiva says, these have been reported to the Ministry of Police and the government will continue working on these issues.


Sione Tupouniua also questioned the Prime Minister on what the government is doing to the 15 RSE workers that were returned from NZ but the Prime Minister said, they are treated like others that are deported from overseas, when they arrive Nuku’alofa they’re free.


Sione Tupouniua also queried the prime Minister on the Pacer plus Convention.


Sione says, according to the constitution, the government has no right to sign any international agreement without the Privy Council’s consent.


But the prime Minister said, they signed the convention after they were advised by the Solicitor General, Attorney General and some of his staff specialized in law.


Pohiva said, they have signed the convention but it is still to be ratifies.


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