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Competent Authority cannot control prices of Tongan kava roots.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/07/2017


Several complaints were made over the continued hikes in prices of Tongan kava roots with reduced content


Some people have called on their representative to the Legislative Assembly during the annual Parliamentary visits for this particular product to be managed by the Competent Authority.


Speaking to Radio Tonga News this afternoon – ‘Anisi Bloomfield CEO of Consumer, Commerce, Trade, Innovation and Labor says this cannot happen.


He says there is a legislation that allows Tongan growers to set the prices for their locally grown crops and vegetables and the Competent Authority has no control over this.


He added that at times when the crops are scarce, growers have the rights to raise their prices and to have the ability to compete in the market.


The only goods and commodities controlled by the competent authority are those imported into the country.


However residents of Hamula and Navutoka said the hikes in kava prices jeopardize their rights to have access to cheaper goods.


Calls were also made on whether the Competent Authority can control  prices of every goods imported to Tonga, but the CEO said they need evidence before they make changes on these issues and that is why it is vital that consumers ask for  receipts at all times.


Earlier, the Minister of Consumer Affairs – Hon Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa in his visit to Kolonga said Government will enforce every shop to have a cash register by next year.


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