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People of ‘Eua leads in taking ownership of sea transportation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/07/2017



The people of ‘Eua leads in taking ownership of sea transportation by increasing the number of inter island ferries to service the kingdom. .


His Majesty made the statement while officially opening ‘Eua’s Royal Agricultural Show last Saturday at the Niu’eiki Ground.


The King first acknowledged the divine guidance in enabling the many blessings on his people providing them with the energy and knowledge to be able to display the fruits of their hard labor in the royal event.


This was demonstrated by the plentiful supply of agricultural produce, fisheries and handicraft.


His Majesty acknowledged the presence at the occasion of Lord Nuku, Prime Minister, cabinet Ministers, and distinct members of the society and people of ‘Eua.


He then, highlighted ‘Eua’s uniqueness compared to the rest of the islands, its location is closer to Tongatapu for the bigger markets for its produce, its many sea ferries for interisland transportation and 61 percent of its land , is available for farming.


His Majesty said, ‘Eua is known for its pine trees and best trees for timber.


The King praised the local farmers for their efforts to sell their squash to Japan and South Korea.


He said, ‘Eua’s ocean contains the best tuna fish and skipjack tuna.


His Majesty reminded the people of ‘Eua, this year’s theme “A rich farm still grows wild yam or Teve, to always be prepared for times of emergency


The ‘Eua’s representative to Parliament – who’s also the Minister of Finance and National Planning – Hon. Tevita Lavemaau delivered the reply to His Majesty’s address.


CEO of Agriculture- Dr. Viliami Manu said, ‘Eua’s agricultural show was outstanding


The CEO added that  the Island’s major commercial crops have struck their highest prices ever, with three acres of kava roots obtaining one hundred thousand pa’anga, TOP$200 pa’anga for one hundred pandanus leaves and one kilogram of  cured vanila is also TOP$200 pa’anga.

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