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Tu’atakilangi requested to declare Tonga a Christian state.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 25/07/2017


King George Tupou I accepted Christianity during the nineteenth century and ceded Tonga to the God Almighty hence proclaiming God and Tonga are my inheritence.


More than half a century, the Baha’i Faith was introduced to Tonga and lately, Islam and other major faiths have been introduced also but with minority memberships.


Last night at the parliamentary consultation at Tu’atakilangi, of Constituency 1, with their representative, Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva, people raised concern over the many different faiths in the country.


Kilifi Polutele proposed at the gathering that government should pursue king Tupou the first’s vision of accepting Christianity to the kingdom, by officially declaring Tonga as a Christian state.


He said the issue was raised during the 94th annual general conference of the Free Wesleyan Church and to recommend to the government the importance of declaring Tonga as a Christian State.


Former Magistrate Pita Soakimi spoke of the significance of the 1875 constitution, which depicts the freedom of people to speak, own their properties and free to choose their forms of religion or religious beliefs.


Paula Havea raised his concern over the repeated reply made by parliamentarians when asked about public issues and their answers are usually, “We’re working on it”.  This is like saying, they are doing nothing, and they should explain the work and processes they’re working on because it’s like an excuse to avoid discussing the raised issues or they do not agree with them, but people need government’s urgent reply and clarification.


He said, they should be more transparent and accountable on these issues.


Other issues raised included road maintenance, solar street lights and for nobles representatives to be elected by the people.




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