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Two mass slaughters of cattle recorded in Vava’u within a week.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/07/2017



Vava’u has recorded the second mass slaughter of cattle within one week.


The recent mass shooting yesterday, was  of  three cows belonging to a livestock farmer of Pangaimotu.


It is alleged the cattles wandered from their  fence and   trespassed on another tax allotment causing the damage to a farm  which belongs to the suspect also of Pangaimotu.


Yesterday, Radio Tonga reported the mass slaughter of 7 cows from ‘Utui.


Police in Vava’u say  this is an unusual behaviour  but many say the slaughters are legal.


The law allows a victim to slaughter a trespass animal  but he/she must have a  weapons’  license for slaughtering an animal that causes damage to his plantation.


In addidtion, the owner of the animals should be contacted first before taking action.


However, in  these two killings, none of the accused chose to inform the owners of the animals first.


Both the weapons used for the slaughter were licensed.


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