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Failure to complete investigations on complaints has led to repeated sexual harassment

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/07/2017



A 46 year old man was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for incest, carnal knowledge of a child and other sexual harassment counts.


‘Elevisi Mo’unga of ‘Eua but residing at Popua will receive the last years suspended with conditions not to commit any punishable offence.


Seven of  the victims are between the ages of 10-23 and were sexually harassed  since 2010.


Despite complaints made to the police by one of the victims, the case was left hanging after the accused admitted to the offences.


Two police officers followed through the case with one leaving overseas and the other incompetent officer resigning.


Also from supreme court


Sione Mafi was convicted of rape and abduction in February 2017.


He is remanded in custody for sentencing later on.


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