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Tens of Thousands of children benefit from oral health programs


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/07/2017



Children’s teeth are healthier now compared to the past 20 years.


Dr. Fusi Fifita from Vaiola’s Dental Department said the latest survey in 2011 showed average of only 1-2 teeths are lost per child compared to 5-6 teeths lost per child in 2000.


Dr. Fifita said this decrease is the effective results of their oral health program known as the MALIMALI to tens of thousands of children in every primary and secondary schools.


Today, the Immaculate Primary School of Ma’ufanga and GPS Ngele’ia marked the International Day of Colgate in a tooth brushing and hand washing program.


The Ma’ufanga Principal  – Kalolaine Vena Mafi said, today is a reminder that healthy living will promote healthier children to build a better future.




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