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GPS Pangai won Ha’apai’s Soroban competition

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/07/2017



GPS Pangai claimed first prize during Ha’apai’s soroban competition 2017.


It was attended by 191 students from 6 Primary schools in Ha’apai.


Principal of GPS Pangai – ‘Akapei To’a spoke happily to Radio Tonga News and says soroban helps accelerate students mathematics and mental skills.


She says it is important that parents also help out in contributing to their effort in  teaching the students.


The winners will compete in a national competition in Nuku’alofa next year.


Some of the winners also have the opportunity to travel to Japan.


GPS Faleloa claimed second prize and Fotua came third.


Soroban was introduced to Tonga in the 1970’s.




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