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Innovation and creativity on local products making is key to generating income for locals

Radio & Television Tonga News 31/07/2017

 Academic qualification is not the only key to higher standards of living, but skills with innovative creativity on using local products to make  saleable products  will boost  income for local families.


Feinga-kihe-lotu Fanguna of Liahona and Sione Maileseni of Kapeta spoke happily to Radio Tonga on the issue.


Maileseni a coconut fibre artist and designer says using coconut fibres to design traditional attires and others not only put food on the table but has also taken him around the world.


He has participated in several international exhibitions in China, Japan Australia and others to showcase his work.


He is also invited to be one of the three international judges at a national competition called the RUNWAY PROJECT in Port Moresby this Saturday.


He said many has complaint over lack of job opportunities YET we can use our local products to create things that can help make a living.


Feinga-kihe-lotu Fanguna a carving designer from Liahona told Radio Tonga News he hopes that the Government and related parties arrange an available market for them overseas for their products.


He said  carving is his passion and he’s been doing it since High School, which is more than 10 years now.


One of Fanguna’s  work is carving of the stones alongside the Vuna road at the Popua Park.



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