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Several voters in Tofoa not satisfied with the villages

Radio & Television Tonga News 1/08/2017



Several voters in Tofoa are not satisfied with the current Electoral system because the village is being cut in half with voters divided into constituencies 2 and 7.


Tofoa’s town officer – ‘Usaia Fifita and ‘Elina Lomu raised the issue during the annual Parliamentary visit at Tongatapu 2 last night.


Hon Semisi Sika – Tongatapu number 2 peoples representative and Minister of Tourism and Infrastructure told the gathering the only solution is to return to the former voting system.


Town officer of Haveluloto – Vika Kaufusi also raised concern over  the increasing  number of school dropouts in her village, it is therefore important that they put in place initiatives to help those that cannot go to school due to financial problems.    She also requested for a special seat for women in the house.


‘Ungatea Palu also requested if after hour classes for students be made available from the constituency fund.


Another concern raised, was for Government to enforce registration of voters because there are many people who have resided in the village for many years but they are still voting for their village or island of origin.


Street lights is also one of the most pressing needs of Havelu.


The meeting also heard an account of theft in one of the churches where the bread and wine for the Holy Communion was stolen.


Ngaluafe ‘Akau’ola raised the importance of parents and teachers working together in unity for the success of the new classroom’s construction at the Haveluloto/Tofoa GPS.


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