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Majority of income of hundreds of residents of Tofoa and Haveluloto rely on the private sector.

Radio & Television Tonga News 02/08/2017

Private Sector should be supported by Government because a study of people’s income of Tongatapu constituency 2 showed they rely heavily on the private sector. The survey was conducted by the Minister of Tourism and Infrastructure who is people’s representative of Tongatapu 2 – Hon Semisi Sika.



In his report 355 households were surveyed with 315 at Haveluloto and 35 at Tofoa all registered under Tongatapu 2.


It showed that 35 percent of the people from these households are working and earn their income from the Private Sector.


Only 17 percent are working for the Government, 11 percent relies on selling their agricultural produce.


Third to their source of income is women’s handicrafts, fine mats and tapa making.


Construction and reliance on remittances rated fourth.


Last on the list of people’s sources of income is fisheries and working for churches.


Private sector has been identified as a key engine to one nation’s economic growth.


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