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Prime Minister apologizes for the Government’s slow process in addressing high costs imposed by FISA on inter island sea transportation.

Radio & Television Tonga News 02/08/2017


Discussions of the high costs of fares and cargoes for interisland sea transportation implemented by the Friendly Island Shipping Agency – FISA has been ongoing in parliament, with no solution yet, to address the issue.


Vili Hingano – people’s representative of Ha’apai 12 told Parliament this morning the Government should intervene and do something because this is their asset.


In response, the Prime Minister Hon Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva repeatedly apologized to the house saying Government’s response to the issue has been very slow and they will do something about it urgently.


The concern were raised by the people’s representatives of Ha’apai 12 and 13, Vava’u 16 and the Number One noble representative of Ha’apai – Lord Tu’iha’angana.



Meanwhile the Acting Minister of Public Enterprises – Dr. Saia Piukala said both parties, the people making the complaints should come together with the Senior Officials of FISA and talk face to face and agree on a solution for the problem.


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