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Tonga Broadcasting Commission was established to provide service for the people of Tonga not to make money

Radio & Television Tonga News 02/08/2017


The establishment of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission was a medium to serve the people of Tonga but not to make money as directed by government.


Political Scientist Dr Steven Halapua said if TBC is a public broadcaster then government shouldn’t have privatized the company to operate it on a commercial basis.


Moreover, the proposal to sell 49 percent of the shares to a private company is going to be a disaster.


We should learn from foreign Broadcasting companies such as New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Their services were once corporatized, and they have discovered their mistakes and so Public Broadcasting companies are now under these governments.


Cabinet approved the proposal and was tabled in parliament during the national budget discussions,  with 51% of the shares to remain in government and  49 percent up for grabs by private companies.


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