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International Arrival increases by 14% in June

Radio & Television Tonga News 3/08/2017



More than 10,000 people arrived in Tonga from overseas countries during the month of June with % increase compared to May.


The total air visitor arrivals were more than 6 thousand people a 3 %lower than June last year.


More than 3thousand people were returning residents a 3 %higher than June 2016.


The passengers on Cruise ships were 1,600 and 363 arrivals by yatch.


Most of the arrivals were people visiting their family, friends and relatives with 46 %of arrival by air, with about 34 %people taking their vacation and holiday in Tonga.


New Zealand remains the leading country of visitors to Tonga by accounting for 47 %of the visitor arrivals followed by Australia by 20 percent.


There were 10 thousand 233 departures from Tonga in June with more than 8thousand leaving by air.


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