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‘Esiteli Hafoka awarded with Certificate at Lo’au University

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/08/2017


The Lo’au University presented its first Tongan Language Certificate to ‘Esiteli Hafoka of Vainii and Nuku’alofa on Saturday.


‘Esiteli is a PHd student in the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford University.


Professor Siosiua Lafitani from the University says, this course is unique because it focuses on the Blood in Modern Lineages, Society and Nature.


He adds Tongan Language has its roots and surviving values in blood which is also embedded and evolved in society, history and nature.


Meantime, ‘Esiteli Hafoka encourages students to finish their studies and to aim high.


‘Esiteli is currently studying her post graduate diploma at Lo’au Univesity.

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