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Parliament questions recruitment of senior official to Tonga’s National Sports institute.


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/08/2017


The Legislative Assembly yesterday questioned the recruitment of Tonga’s Head of its National Sports Institute – after all the post was not tendered to the public.


Lord Tu’ilakepa and Lord Nuku raised the issue in Parliament after ‘Ikani Taliai a Tongan residing in Australia was directly recruited by Government to the job.


The concern was based on the salary given to Taliai which is 50thousand Australian Dollars plus his other benefits totaling his salary to 74thousand Australian Dollars or equals to more than 100 thousand pa’anga per annum.


In response the Prime Minister – Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva said  there is a policy known as DIRECT RECRUITMENT and they practiced it when recruiting Taliai.


Heated debates continued on the issue but Lord Tu’iha’angana – Number one Nobles rep of Ha’apai said  let the Prime Minister and his Government do their work – and they if there will be consequences on the decisions they made, then BLAME THEM.


Radio Tonga News contacted ‘Ikani Taliai and he says he’s interested in closing and bridging the gaps between the 26 sports federations in Tonga and the athlete.


“For a long time now we’ve been sending teams to participate in international events, we no longer want to do that we want the world to see that we can compete with anybody else. Not just participate, that’s the whole idea of the institute. My role is to conceptualize with all the help of the stakeholders especially the national sports federation, discuss our needs and gaps, with their help as well design what this look like, both infrastructure wise and Government structure , governance structure and training program and that’s what I’m being interested in Tonga to do.”


‘Ikani Taliai and Government’s agreement is for a period of two years.


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