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Four Areas vulnerable from leakages from septic tanks

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/08/2017


Four areas in Tonga are at risk due to leakages from septic tanks to their water supplies.


They are Lifuka in Ha’apai, Neiafu Vava’u, Nukunukumotu and Vainii.


Tonga’s Geologist – Taniela Kula said they are carrying out projects to these places to ensure water sanitation.


The town officer of Neiafu – Vaavaa Fifita said, the village urgently needs safe and secured water tanks because areas such as Neiafu Tahi and Talau are flooded during heavy rain.


All tanks with septics are flooded as well.


He also highlighted the significance of water as it is a basic human need.


Meantime Taniela Kula said, 99 of the population have access to water with 28 percent are using their neighbors as their main source of water supply.


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