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Tonga-New Zealand based Diamond Langi main cast of a locally produced film based on the Ghost – Fehuluni

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/08/2017


The Nuku’alofa Film Festival group hopes to encourage youth and locals on film making so they will eventually learn to appreciate and maintain our language, myths and culture and tradition.


This is the third year running of the Nuku’alofa Film Festival and they thrive on production of films based on myths and legends and culture and tradition.


Speaking to Radio Tonga News, the president of the group – Sisi’uno Helu said, they got the idea after working together with a group from NZ on creating the ‘Aho’eitu film and the story about kava.


She said they wanted the premier of Fehuluni to be held in Tonga because the actors are all Tongans, and shootings were carried out in various beautiful historical sites here in the kingdom.


Sisi’uno said, storytelling is natural to Tonga and other Polynesian countries therefore it is vital to utilize these talents well, to not only benefit locals and youths individually but Tonga as a whole.


The Nuku’alofa Film Festival is currently working on filming the story about the Tongan myth of the ghost Felehuhuni.


Diamond Langi 24-year-old of Fatai and Vaini but residing in Auckland NZ will be the main cast – Felehuhuni.


The Patron of the Nuku’alofa Film Festival is HRH the Crown Princess Sinaitakala Tuku’aho.

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