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TOP$2 million from New Zealand to Tonga for process of RSE workers

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/08/2017


The Government of New Zealand has pledged TOP$2 million assistance to Tonga.


CEO of Internal Affairs – ‘Ana Bing Fonua said, the assistance will facilitate the process and procedures of selecting the appropriate candidates for the Recognised Seasonal Employment program.


It includes reviewing the core functions of the officers in charge in collaboration with the town officers to identify eligible candidates for the RSE program.


The main focus area for this plan first is the policy, in the absence of the labor policy for Tonga that was made in the last 10 years.  It is extremely important that the policies are put in place. We are also mobilizing the review team so they can take a holistic view of the whole program. This includes the operation, the management, the processes and the procedures as well as establishing standard national procedures and reviewing the work post so that we can better screen and have already a work pool that is desirable to the employers. I think one of the important part that we have included is the gender-focus area to increase the participation of women in the seasonal worker program. This second phase also focuses on expanding and advancing into other employment sectors particularly semi-skilled and skilled.


This is an outcome of the Strengthening Pacific Partnership Phase II Conference, held in New Zealand last week.


Attending from Tonga was CEO, Ana Bing Fonua and Kolotia Fotu of the Ministry of Commerce and Labor.


More than ten thousand Tongans join the RSE program every year.


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