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NEMO’s alert system stolen from Kolovai.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/08/2017


Police continue searching for National Emergency Management Office NEMO’s siren system that was installed at the TCC’s mast at Kolovai.


The siren donated by Japan was installed 25 meters from the ground.


The Director of NEMO Leveni ‘Aho says, such crime was not carried out by one person, because it will take several minutes to climb up the mast and steal the siren.


Police say it is believed the siren was stolen to be used as amplifiers in vehicles.


The siren is part of a trial program put in as an early warning system for any natural disaster such as a tsunami.


“Aho says Tonga could lose its opportunities for further donations due to such behavior.


The western district is a low lying area and if a tsunami hit without the warning system the impacts and damage will be massive.


Leveni ‘Aho says this is not the first time their equipment has been abused.


It includes evacuation signs on the streets that were turned the other way round.


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