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Tongans capable of becoming judges of the supreme Court

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 22/08/2017


The Minister of Justice, Hon Vuna Fa’otusia believes it is time to appoint a Tongan to be Judge of the Supreme Court.


In clarifying his annual report 2015-16 in parliament yesterday, Hon. Fa’otusia told the house, the Ministry intends to raise the educational requirements for hiring Magistrate to law degree level.


He believes there are many young law practitioners who could begin from the magistrate positions and work their way up to become judges of the Supreme Court.


The judges of the Supreme Court are currently appointed by the judicial appointment Discipline Committee and he hopes that one day they will consider this vision.


The Minister also spoke about the need for a juvenile court in Tonga.  He said the Chief Justice Mr Owen Paulsen had travelled to New Zealand to look into this matter and they hope this proposal will soon eventuate.


Hon Faotusia said there are many young children who have cases in the courts but they need to be addressed in their own court.


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