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The Government is currently working together with related stakeholders to review fruit pickers salary.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 25/08/2017

The CEO of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ‘Ana Bing Fonua says,  Government does not have the authority to adjust the salary of our people that’s fortunate to join the RSE programs in NZ and Australia.


She says, currently they are consulting with stakeholders which includes the Governments of Australia, NZ and companies in addressing the issue.


This was after appeal from some fruit pickers  for government to intervene if possible, as they spend most of their wages on paying their bills on accommodation, food, washing and many others – reducing the amount to send home to their families here in Tonga.


‘Ana says, they re looking into this issue closely with stakeholders so we don’t send our people to places that charges high rents etc.


Meanwhile Mrs Fonua says, fruit pickers should learn and study the policy involved in the scheme so when the problem occurs they can help.



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