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More than 30 people were alleged for food poisoning

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/08/2017

More than 30 people were rushed to Vaiola Hospital last Friday allegedly for food poisoning.


The Superintendent of Vaiola Hospital – Dr. Lisiate ‘Ulufonua says, it is alleged that these people were eating hot dogs at a funeral at Tokomololo.


Most of the patients were young children.


Dr. ‘Ulufonua adds 8 doctors were called in with nurses to medically assist the children  on Friday night.


Some were in  serious conditions with vomiting and were suffering from diarrhea.


The public health department are investigating the cause of the food poison.


Dr. ‘Ulufonua is urging the public to be more cautious on the food they eat to ensure its safe for consumption.

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