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Climate Change causes a change in the food system

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/08/2017

The Ministry of  Agriculture has recorded a change in the main food system in Tonga as a consequence of Climate Change.


The CEO of Agriculture – Dr.Viliami Manu says the main agricultural produce in Tonga ware sweet potatoes and Tongan taro BUT today due to dire situations, people are consuming tabioca.


It is the only produce that can withstand the drought season for a long term compared to other produce.


Today in the markets, the prices of sweet potatoes and taro are on the rise.


HOWEVER tabioca does not have the amount of vitamins on sweet potatoes and he believes that tabioca is not healthy for consumption.


He also urges growers to use wise practices in using land for agricultural activities, animal feed and their connections in the food chain.


He says the Government is looking at the possibility to encourage farmers to use the irrigation system.


The Government is working with partners to ensure healthy living and healthy lifestyle in Tonga.

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