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Main reasons why the speaker of the Legislative Assembly presented to his Majesty to dissolve Parliament

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/08/2017

The speaker of the Legislative Assembly yesterday issued a statement citing the main reasons of the advice he presented to His Majesty resulting in the dissolution of parliament.


Lord Tu’ivakanoa said he was increasingly concerned during the current parliamentary term with certain decisions and actions of the executive that appeared to disregard the constitution  and the rule of law, which has affected decisions and procedures of the Legislative Assembly.


This also included the checks and balances of democracy that was made inherent in the governing structure of the kingdom under the political reform of 2010.


Other reasons presented included government’s intentions towards the king’s constitutional powers to grant royal assent to any law that govern his people.


He said the royal assent is the final safeguard for protecting the  rights of the people that may be affected by any laws passed by the Assembly.


He said the executive had previously trespassed on the king’s powers to make treaties, conventions and agreements with foreign governments.

This has occurred with  CEDAW  (convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women) in 2015 and was also repeated  this year, with the Pacific trade agreement known as Pacer Plus.


Another reason was the attempt to concentrate powers in cabinet by gradually weaning away the powers of the king in privy council.


He said a bill that would  have had this effect had been submitted to the office of the LA which intended to remove the king in privy council’s power to appoint independent bodies such as the  Commissioner of Police  and Attorney General.

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