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Impacts of Climate change evident in Ha’apai and Talafo’ou

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/09/2017


Talafo’ou in Tongatapu and some places in Ha’apai have been identified by the Climate Change Division of MEIDECC as the most vulnerable to climate change.



Dr. Langitoto Helu Coordinator of the Tonga climate resilience sector project says there are huge differences in the environment of these areas compared to the years that have passed. 


He said he was shocked when he saw the thin layers of sand at Talafo’ou as well as most areas in Ha’apai in contrast with the past 30 years.


This is the result of sea erosion when the land is slowly consumed by waters due to the rising sea level.


There are also changes in the movement of the weather pattern where certain fruit trees bear fruits all year round and some of our delicious fruits are rarely seen during their season, because of the climate change impact on our environment.


Workshops are being carried out by the Government in promoting climate change awareness here in Tonga.


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