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Workshop carry out by Bible Society of the South Pacific underway in Nuku’alofa

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/09/2017


The Bible Society of the South Pacific held a workshop this afternoon at Toutaimana Catholic Centre.


Ledua Turanganivalu, Project Officer for the Bible Society of the South Pacific says the Bible is the ultimate answer or solution to the problems faced today by young people.


“The youth is faced with a lot of issues in various aspects of their lives. But we believe that the Bible is the answer; has the message or the answer to the solutions of the problem. But how we approach – the approach is the important issue here. The Church leaders say that the approach should be from the family. The problem or the issues with the youth are many. Unemployment, drug abuse, substance abuse, school dropouts. There are so many things that affects the youth.”


She is also concerned with what youths are prioritizing stressing that the Bible should be a valuable asset in their lives.


“People today have access to the internet. They have many other interests which they would prioritize instead of prioritizing the Bible. So it all depends on what you value. So if you value the Bible, if you value your relationship with the Lord, then you would put aside. All other things will be secondary to you so you will value the Bible more.”


The purpose of this project is to help youths and children engage more in the Bible and to tackle the issues they are currently facing.


Free bibles were distributed today to various representatives from the Schools as well as government institutions.


The workshop ends today.


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