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Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/09/2017


The Eastern District Working Council Incorporated of Tongatapu 9 and Tongatapu 10 greatly appreciate China’s assistance of providing a new 4-wheel drive vehicle.


The Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Eastern District, Hon. Pohiva Tu’ionetoa says the job of the council is to visit the plantations especially during the squash pumpkin season to look at the methods of planting, timing, chemicals used and so forth.


Unfortunately, the Eastern District did not have a ride for this purpose.


And China has accepted by kindly offering this vehicle to solve the said problem.


Hon. Tu’ionetoa says that for marketing purposes, they must meet the requirements of having the right products and the right quality so that they can be harvested at the right time.


It is because unlike the past years, the market is in demand and selects the right type of crops to grow, and packed in order to be harvested.


And this vehicle will make their work much easier.


He encourages the people of the Eastern District to continue to grow more crops as this will benefit the country from increased exports.


Attending this program was the Ambassador of China to Tonga – H.E Wang Baodong, Minister of Education and Training and MP for Tongatapu 9 – Penisimani Fifita and also the Minister of Police – Mateni Tapueluelu.


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