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Newington College assists Tupou College due to outstanding musical performances by Tupou College students

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/09/2017


Newington College is assisting Tupou College with musical instruments lacked by the school to help develop students with outstanding musical talents.


Tupou College appreciated this assistance and as a token, held a musical festival program last night to show their appreciation to their brother school. This is the time when the school’s annual music competition is held, but this year, the Principal and staff introduced this innovative program to encourage students to take up music as a career and earn a living from.


In his welcome speech, the Principal ‘Alifeleti ‘Atiola says music is a valuable asset for the students of Tupou College.


“We do not have much of value to offer from this rather remote place but amongst the few things we can offer here is music. Our boys wake up in the morning to music, to sing. They sing a lot during the day. At the dormitory, the dining hall, the garden, in the field, the classroom – wherever they go, they sing. They sing till the end of the day. When they stop to sing, they fall asleep. And that’s what happens in the classroom most of the time.”


This is the second project Newington College is working in partnership with Tupou College’s Music Department.


Also in attendance was the Prime Minister Hon ‘A Pohiva, and some members of cabinet, leaders of the church, parents and a host of music lovers.


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