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Lavengamalie commences Climate Change Awareness Program with tree-planting

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/09/2017


Lavengamalie Institute of Technology, this morning took part in a tree-planting program with the Climate Change Division of the Ministry of MEIDECC.


A team from the Department of Climate Change visited the school with the tree saplings and gave a short presentation on how to care for the plants, before they proceeded to the gardens to plant these trees.


They planted traditional plants such as heilala, and ahi, as well as fruit trees.


One of the Lecturers at Lavengamalie Institute of Technology, Tupou Seini Bryce, says she and the students of Lavengamalie, are grateful to be a part of this initiative from the Ministry to be able to plant and keep these trees so they may reap the fruits that the trees will bear.


“Lavengamalie is very fortunate for having this program because it will help the students to know how to keep the plants, know how to take care of it, and then understand the value of plants to our life, even our culture, even how we use it in our own school, not only at school, at home, in our communities, and it will enable them to preserve it for the next generation.Just to encourage the people, not only this program from the MEIDECC, but everyone in Tonga, it’s your responsibility to keep and preserve and maintain these plants.”


These trees would be useful for not only combating climate change, but also preserving tradition as well as for human survival.


The program continued to Liahona High School, as well as Ocean of Light School.


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