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Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/09/2017


Technology plays a pivotal role in the linking of family members and friends to communicate effectively.


But with it, comes the disadvantages and there are ways that can prevent this from happening.


That was one of the main issues raised during a 5-day workshop that is being held at the Tanoa Hotel.


This workshop is known as the Convention on Cyber Crime and is conducted by a team from Europe to educate representatives from the country who can help address its importance to the people of the country as well as to help prevent it from happening.


Polyxenia Callagi – Senior Project Officer for the Council of Europe from GLACY plus addreses the purpose of the workshop.


“We’re hoping to educate the magistrates in Tonga to deliver the course to their peers in their respective institutions – in empowering them to be a role model for the region in terms of legislation and international cooperation’s.”


The other trainers present from the Council of Europe, Uwe Rasmussen and Albert  also says Tonga is vulnerable to online threats and hopes this issue will prevent such issues from occurring in the near future.


“I believe that the Legislation will help Tonga better protect the citizens so we hope that by the end of this course, it will be easier to protect the citizens of Tonga against cybercrime. There are evidence that Tonga will become victims of crime. So we hope that Tongans will be safe and better protected in this course.”


Attending the workshop were representatives from the Court of Justice, members of the Police Department from Tonga as well as from the Pacific countries.

This workshop will end on Friday.


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