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Expired Foods items destroyed last week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/09/2017


The Food Division of the Ministry of Agriculture has ordered the destruction of food items from a shop in Tonga because it was no longer fit for consumption.


The Head of the Food Division – Metui Falesiva says, the items included canned food and drinks and most were expired but were still displayed on shelves for sale.


The initiative is to protect people’s health from consuming expired food items.


They are also concerned about the safety of meat being sent from Tongatapu to the outer islands to ensure there’s enough ice to keep the meat fresh.


It is estimated that once every month, they destroy some food items at Tapuhia especially canned food when they’re out of date, squashed or torn covers.


Food division is advising the public to be more cautious on the food items from the shops they consume daily.


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