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The King should have ceremonial power only to protect him from harmful criticisms

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/09/2017


The Prime Minister Hon ‘Akilisi Pohiva in a radio and television program believes the king should should be a ceremonial figure only to avoid any destructive attacks.


Power should rest only with those elected by the people who holds the executive powers to run government.


He said we should learn from historical events and the path the world is taking and politics is one of the main issues that affect us all.


The Prime Minister, the most important principle we should uphold is accountability for at the end of the day, the executive powers have to account to each other as well as account to the people who elected them to power. Through this transparent relationship, those who abuse their powers should be sacked.


A former government Minister and member of Parliament, Teisina Fuko in response to the prime minister’s statement said he thinks this ideology is very academic and should be incorporated into our culture and societal make up.

He said the religious Advisors   of the movement towards political change including the late Rev’d Dr ‘Amanaki Havea and late Bishop Patelesio Finau reminded them that our political house needs renovation but not complete overhaul and eventual struck down.


Fuko said he doesn’t believe any king would love to be in a ceremonial state only, with his powers stripped away.


He said separation of power is important for our executive bodies such as cabinet, parliament and His Majesty in Privy council.


He said when power is accumulated into one body, then it will easily become a dictatorship.


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