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Mailo Tongan Kava Club of Houma continues assisting those living with disabilities and Elderlies


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/09/2017


People living with disabilities at Alonga Center were in their festive spirit yesterday when the Golden Milo Kava Club of Houma welcomed them to Houma.


Speaking to Radio Tonga News, the president of the club – ‘Uhila Takataka says, it’s been 8 years when they made lunch and invited people with disabilities at Alonga together with the elderlies in Houma.


He says this is just part of many programs they arrange to prioritize the importance of these people and to remind them of how special they are.


He says, the first 5 years they usually prepare food and take it to Alonga or bring it here to town, but the last 3 years they took it back to Houma so the Elderlies in the village can join the fun.


The Golden Milo Kava Club of Houma has more than 100 members.


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