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Fisherman gone missing in Ha’apai

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/10/2017


Police are currently searching for a missing fisherman from Lofanga, Ha’apai.


A spokesperson for Police said, the last communication with the missing fisherman was after 8 last nights.


He was on his way to pick up 5 fishermen from Nukupule.


His fishing boat is 20 feet long and has no beacon either safety gears.


Another incident recorded by Police was at Fo’ui last Sunday…. They reported a missing tourist at sea while swimming at the ‘Utukehe resort.


The spokesperson for Police says, a private boat from one of the businesses in the area helped with the search for the missing Polish.


He went while it was high tide BUT thankfully he was rescued and now at a stable condition.


Police are advising the public especially fishermen and divers to ensure they are well prepared before they go into the ocean.


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