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Action should speak louder than words, a youth’s view on Tonga’s current democratic gov’t

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/10/2017


Laumanu Mafi A youth panelist at the national dialogue on good leadership and democracy yesterday says, Actions should speak louder than words.


Laumanu says she believes that there are too much big words floating around with little action to parallel those words.


She says, this form of Government has been discussed for a very long time, even before she was born, and since adopting this model to govern our nation, she expected better from leaders of a democratic society.


HOWEVER, since this government came to power continuous repetitions of big words such as Good governance, accountability, fight against justice and honesty were preached without the matching actions and it is really discouraging.


She says as young adults, we need to see the focus changed from talking about good leadership qualities to actually living and exercising these qualities in where ever you are.


“Given the amount of discussion and preparation that went in to the adoption of the democratic system, the outcome, and the conducts so far our leaders and politicians to me mostly has been rather disappointing, the reason dissolution of parliament is an understandable decision because it reflects the poor exercise of good leadership, why is that we say all the right things we say the big words, we say good governance, transparency, honesty, etc. and yet it’s not practiced. We talk too much, I see so much double standards, hypocracy, instability and it’s frustrating.”


She continued talking about leadership and said Leadership is not about the next election, leadership is about the next Generation.


“Leadership is a way of life, and when you have these values you’ll be better prepared, We the youth will be better prepared, Leaders will be better prepared to base your decisions on your values and the principles of Good Leaderships rather than basing your decisions on personal gain. You will be ready to face a democratic society, where we can sometimes see a person’s vote, a person’s decision can be bought. And as the end of the day you will become a better leader. So we the youth of today and children we have to start with ourselves whatever role we play in the society just do the right thing always.”


Laumanu highlighted this during a National Consultation on Democracy and Good Leadership yesterday organized by the Tonga Civil Society.


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