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An electric commissioner claims CEO of the Commission’s Contract is not factual


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/10/2017


One of the Electrical Commissioners` – Paula Tupou strongly believes that the contract of the CEO of Electricity Commission


Lord Dalgety is not factual.


He says the normal contracts should have 2 or 3 year terms but his contract was lifelong signed by his secretary and not by his Employer.


His salary was raised after two years from more than 7,000 a month to more than 10, 000 a month.


Tupou says Lord Dalgety’s son was also a member of the Commissions’ Pension Fund as well as a regional company.


He also withheld the information regarding the bank statements.


Lord Dalgety told Radio and Television news that his contract was factually and legally accurate.   It was signed in 2008 and remains so according to the majority of the Commissioners.


The allegations against Lord Dalgety has been published on local papers, websites and social media and he said the information is defamatory and it’s up to the public to make their own judgements.


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