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Squash Exporter believes government aid still too little for the exports to fully capitalize on this market


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/10/2017


The Sakura Export Company, has exported over 2000 tonnes of squash pumpkin in the past weeks and this is expected to continue over the next few weeks, with a total of 3500 tonnes of squash to be exported this year.


Lesieli Namoa, owner of the Sakura Export company, says the international market for squash is vast and is in high demand for the product.


However Tongan squash farmers and exporters still have yet to capture the opportunity for money to flow into the country.


However Tongan farmers and exporters are still unable to meet the demand for pumpkin exports from overseas.


Lesieli says government’s assistance to this sector is still very little and therefore the Tongan pumpkin farmers and exporters are unable to tap into the potential of this market on an international level.


The Sakura Exports Company believes that with better assistance from government, the export of pumpkins would be able to improve and therefore bring more income into the country.


With the exports this year, there is an expected return of over a million pa’anga, and Namoa says with better government aid this income can only increase.


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