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World Teacher’s day marked internationally highlighting the teacher’s significant roles.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/10/2017


The world is celebrating World Teacher’s day today while Tonga will mark it nationally tomorrow with the theme: Freedom in teaching, empowering teachers.


Some Teacher’s who have been teaching for more than 30 years told Radio and Television tonga news that being a teacher brings so much blessings and experiences.


A teacher has the opportunity to teach, cultivate and educate students from a young age.


Selai Latuu of  Liahona High School and ‘Akapei To’a of  GPS Pangai, Ha’apai says , a teacher helps each and every student know more about life and the life after.


They say that a great leader will depend on the knowledge taught by the teacher in the classroom and both believe if a teacher’s job is great than we expect to see a better and brighter nation.


To’a says, a teacher is multi task, she is a mother, a preacher, a nurse and a doctor just to cater for the needs of the students, in times of emergencies she will ensure her task are fulfilled before fulfilling the need of her or his own family.


Mele Taulanga principal of Tupou High School say, being a teacher for almost 30 years has been a blessing with many challenges.


Anipule Tei the principal of ‘Eua High School says A teacher’s role allows students to build their imaginations further while questioning,challenging and processing their thoughts.


Students adopt to different characters’ personalities and communicate with the class, teachers are able to protect any sense of failure by encouraging each student with their strength and capabilities.


The role of a teacher in society is significant and valuable as students are deeply affected by the teacher’s love and affection, character, competence, and moral commitment.


A good teacher must be a great model of faith with good knowledge and can result in being the students’ role model.


A Student from Liahona High School says, she is thankful and happy for teachers and she’s grateful for all the sacrifices made by teachers.


Tomorrow more than 1thousand teacher’s will march downtown Nuku’alofa to Queen Salote College’s Hall for the national celebration to mark teacher’s day organized by the St Andrews High School.


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