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Vendors must pay tax if their income exceeds 10thousand pa’anga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/10/2017


The Ministry of Revenue and Customs are finalizing the list of tax payers and the people who they believe should have paid income taxes but haven’t done so for years.


The Acting CEO of Revenue and Customs – Kelemete Vahe says, this is not a new type of tax but enforcement of payment was not stringent.


He says, fishermen, growers and vendors should submit their financial statements to the Ministry especially the vendors who sell their produce and products from Monday to Saturday.


Kelemete says If their annual income exceeds TOP$10,000 then they should pay tax.


There are alternatives for people who do not have any financial statements such as fishermen and growers, they can just report their work to their Ministry and pay tax without any statements.


The amount of money collected from tax will help with the local projects such as road maintenance, medicine for hospitals and building of wharves.


Only His Majesty and Foreign Diplomats working in the kingdom are exempted from paying taxes.


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