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Tonga marks International Girls’ Day with a prayer service

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/10/2017


Tonga joins the world today in marking International Girls Day with a special prayer service with the theme to protect the lifestyle of the Tongan Girls.


Halaevalu Palu of the Tonga Girl Guides movement says, this is an opportunity to highlight the need to ensure girls grow up in a healthy environment spiritually, mentally and physically.


This requires violence and abuse free environment at home and school.


Today also highlights the significant roles that girls play in the society and the challenges they face in life and for parents to talk and share life stories with their children especially girls.


The domestic dialogue will lessen the opportunity for girls to expose to the negative impacts of technology.


Halaevalu says Tongan girls are unique compared to the rest of the world as they have superior ranks in the family known as “fahu” or aunty of their brothers’ children.


Meaning they benefit from everything their brother’s family own.


More than 1 thousand girls between the ages of 5-35 are members of the Tonga Girls Guides and taking part in the prayer service.


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